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Coinbase Wallet <> Planet IX Campaign

Coinbase Wallet <> Planet IX Campaign

Coinbase Wallet <> Planet IX


Starting on 5 December at 14:00 UTC and for 14 days onwards, Planet IX is welcoming Coinbase Wallet users to participate in our Base Pack Claim Campaign. These Base Packs will enable you to get a flying start in the Planet IX Metaverse and introduce you to the recently released Mission Control feature, an extensive game mechanic upgrade to Planet IX. Read more about: Mission Control.

The whitelisting will run from 5 December - 17 December and once it concludes, users will be able to claim for another 2 days between 17-19 December.

The campaign entails the following: 

There are two tiers of Base Packs being released specifically for Coinbase Wallet users. The first 2,401 users to claim a Base Pack will get the Tier 1 Pack, which is filled with valuable in-game digital assets and resources.

Planet IX has always been about having a fair approach to all players, and like many other similar Planet IX releases, these Tier 1 packs will be distributed according to a first come, first serve basis. So if you want to secure one of these packs - make sure to be one of the 2,401 users first to do so!


Tier 1 Base Packs (for the first 2,401 Coinbase Wallet users) include:

  • 20 PIX
  • 1 Landmark Relic Share
  • 1 Loot crate
  • 100 Waste


After the first 2,401 Tier 1 Base Packs have been claimed, Coinbase Wallet users can still claim 100,000 more Tier 2 Base Packs, that include the following:

  • 10 PIX
  • 50 Waste


To learn more about Planet IX’s in-game NFTs visit Planet IX on OpenSea.


How to Participate

Genki will be used as a service to try to eliminate bots and for whitelisting to be able to claim the pack. Users will be able to sign up and become whitelisted for the first 12 days, and then a claim window will be open for 2 days afterwards (announced through Planet IX’s communication channel) The rules to become whitelisted will be as the following:

First, you must connect your Coinbase Wallet to Genki and Planet IX. 

  • Visit Genki and connect your Web3 Wallet.


Once you’re done, you will see all necessary steps to participate on the website! 



For example the following:


  • Retweet original Coinbase Wallet tweet about the partnership claim
  • Follow Coinbase Wallet on Twitter
  • Follow Planet IX on Twitter
  • Follow Planet IX on Discord
  • Follow Planet IX on Telegram


Once you’re done, visit, and simply connect your Coinbase Wallet on (Genki) and claim your pack.

But don’t forget, it’s first come first serve - if you want to have a head start in the game, be quick about it!


What is Planet IX?

Planet IX is a strategic NFT-based game, taking place 500 years in the future. The game includes a huge marketplace, multiple in-game corporations, technologies and utilities that aid players in their collective mission to resurrect and rebuild an entire world. 

The core functionality of the game is to develop resource-generating territories and compete with other players – and the Base Pack include everything needed to get a head start. 

All in-game assets on Planet IX are NFTs with true ownership, therefore everything in the Base Packs are NFTs that you can trade.

Make sure you stay updated on the Planet IX Twitter to find out when Base Packs are being released, news about future drops and releases, and more.


What is Coinbase Wallet? 

Coinbase Wallet is your key to what’s next. Coinbase Wallet is the most user-friendly self-custody wallet, unlocking the entire world of crypto, including collecting NFTs, earning yield on your crypto, play-to-earn gaming, and support a wide range of networks. Coinbase Wallet keeps your crypto and data safe, with industry leading security and safety features




Play nice,

Planet IX