Cargo Drop 2 — Everything You Need for Building and Raiding


Agents of Change,

A new phase is on the horizon. Mission Control will be incorporated into the game, making it possible for agents to build facilities and pillage resources from each other. Basically, the game will be free to play and IXT fun to earn.

Mission Control will also be the hub where agents can set up a public player profile and get a complete overview of their inventory. All in all, It’s meant to provide a manageable way of viewing assets. But first and foremost, Mission Control is a mechanic where agents can put their assets to work, to earn PIX and IXT, without losing the rich geographical data embedded in the Planet IX map.

For agents who seek to reap all the benefits of these new game mechanics we’ll release a Cargo Drop. By adding one or several to your terraforming arsenal, you will have access to features allowing you to further expand and develop your footprint on the world of Planet IX.

Loot Crates, Lucky Cat Meta Shares and Golden Tickets

As of September 5th, 50 000 Cargo Drops will be avaible for $119 each. With each Cargo Drop containing everything you need to fully enhance your gaming experience.

  • Lucky Cat Meta shares: It’s the only opportunity to buy meta shares in Lucky Cat. The total amount of meta shares will be 77 777, compared to the 250 000 meta shares in Y_. Making them more valuable, and more limited, than any other release we had so far. By holding the Lucky Cat Meta Share you will be given a governance token. With this token, you are in control of the future development of the corporation. For example, you will decide the frequency and cost of tickets and future raffles, and how the Lucky Cat treasury will be distributed.
  • Loot Crates: Loot Crates will only be available for purchase during a limited period. When opening a Loot Crate, agents have the opportunity to gain Blueprints and Legendary Bio-M0ds. The rarest items and NFTs in the game. Items that are necessary to build Legendary Facilities on your territories. After the Cargo Drop, agents can only find Loot Crates on rare occasions, making them highly valuable in-game assets.
  • Golden Tickets: Additionally, all buyers will have the chance to win 1 of our 6 Star Landmarks. They are by far the rarest and most wondrous of Landmarks, with the greatest earning diameter. When staking Landmarks, you’ll earn IXT from all transactions taking place inside the earning diameter. Essentially, an extremely favorable strategic position on the Planet IX map.
  • Top 10 buyers: 100 Lucky Cat Meta Shares, 10 Golden Raffle Tickets
  • Top 100 buyers: 10 Lucky Cat Meta Shares, 1 Golden Raffle Tickets
  • All buyers: Added to the raffle for 10 Golden Tickets

We’ll have some extra rewards as well:

  • Each Cargo Drop will contain an Anniversary Pack. The Anniversary Packs will be between tiers 1–5, meaning that all 111 PIX will be of one corresponding rarity. This has never been done before. Each pack also includes on-chain Raffle Tickets, making it possible for agents to win Premium Landmarks:

A fun game and immersive metaverse

With this Cargo Drop, you will have the tools necessary for technological advancements, to expand your empire and make your enemies tremble in their footholds.

Another immersive part of Planet IX is our in-game corporations. By handing agents the power of those corporations you will experience a truly decentralized game and metaverse.

Now, it’s Lucky Cat’s turn to go public — the Planet IX raffle and gaming center. To salute the next stage of Lucky Cat, we’ll include some backstory on how the corporation came into existence in a future article on Medium.

We hope you enjoy what’s coming, agent. If you have any further questions about the Cargo Drop, please let us know on Discord or Twitter!