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April: Game Updates

April: Game Updates

We have some extremely exciting weeks infront of us.
Here is a taste of what A.O.C can expect: 

Marketplace V2 

After the launch of marketplace V2 we have encountered many small UX issues making it hard for people to trade,   we are making some adjustments on a daily basis and soon we are confident that the marketplace will be a very nice place to trade.  Until then,  we are super happy with all the feedback we are getting from you guys.  Keep on trying and using the V2. 

Raffles : Lucky Cat 

Lucky Cat will come back with the ability to enter raffles to win Landmarks. We will be adding other assets that players can win. It will also be the first time that Golden Tickets will be available for use. Just imagine what you will be able to win with them.    

Facility Upgrades : NewLands LLC

Using M3ta-M0ds, Energy, Blueprints and AstroCredits players will be able to upgrade their Facilities to higher levels. This will increase the base energy output and the maximum capacity. 

M3ta-M0d Fusion : EternaLab

Ability to create the much sought after M3ta-M0d using Bio-M0ds, Energy & Astro Credits  

Stake : EternaLab Genesis 

A.O.C that are able to mint an EternaLab Genesis NFT will soon be able to stake them to improve the waste prospecting probability in Mission Control. 

Planet IX : removing listed PIX from old Marketplace

All PIX that are stuck in the old Listing contract will be removed and returned to players so that they can use them in the new Marketplace. 

Adding Incoming Bids to Main Menu : NetEmpire

Allowing players to get a better overview of their incoming bids to make trading in the Marketplace V2 more efficient and smoother. 

Ability to see Territory ID : Mission Control

To be able to know which Territory is staked where so that players can easily unstake them to mint better territories in NetEmpire.