Facility Upgrades

Facility Upgrades

You can now visit Newland LLC's in-game terminal to upgrade your facilities and improve your farming capabilities in Mission Control. 

Upgraded facilities have increased energy output and storage capacity. The stars in the picture above represent facility levels, in this first update, we will only be releasing level 2 and level 3. More level upgrades will be available in the future.

The requirements below represent the minimum resources required to upgrade your facility. You need to be level 30 in MC to be able to upgrade you facility. If you burn the minimum requirements you will receive a level 2 facility.

Initially, we are allowing A.O.C to burn additional energy while upgrading a facility, resulting in the possibility of receiving a level 3 facility directly. See the table below representing the additional energy that you can burn to increase your chance of getting a level 3 facility.


In this first release, you can only upgrade each facility once, and only one facility can be upgraded simultaneously. Upgraded facilities will remain in the same tier (e.g. Outlier Level 1 becomes Outlier Level 2 or 3). Future updates will allow further upgrades.

Upgrading a facility takes 7 days, followed by a 7-day cool-down period. You can speed-up construction and cool-down by burning IXT at $0.4 per hour.

- Upgrade facilities for better energy production and capacity
- Increase the chance of reaching level 3 by burning extra energy
- One-time upgrade per facility in this update
- Upgraded facilities stay in the same tier 
- Speed-up upgrades & cool-down with IXT at $0.4 / hour
- Unstake Facility to upgrade
- LVL 30 in MC required for upgrade