On the 24th of November we will start selling NewLands MetaShares. The mint supply is set to 145,326 shares. For more information on the exact definition of MetaShares and their benefits please read the following article: 

Price; 4 USDT / share 



As this is our first sale of MetaShares we have decided that we will be holding raffles in conjunction with the NewLands MetaShare sale. These raffles will take place every 48 hours lasting for 14 days or until MetaShares are sold out, ending with a MegaRaffle. 



For every MetaShare that you purchase you will receive one raffle ticket entry. This process is automatic and these raffle tickets cannot be used for anything else. If you buy 10 MetaShares then you will enter the raffle with 10 tickets. Every 48 hours we will be holding a raffle. After a raffle, all the tickets that have been in the raffle will be burned. So if you wish to participate in another MetaRaffle then you need to buy more MetaShares.  


The prize pools will consist of the following: 

  • 50 Cargo Packs
  • 250 Landmark Relic Shares
  • 25 ArcadeNFT Arcades
  • 25 Piercer Drones
  • 100 Anniversary Packs


During the mint we will also be adding additional prizes to the MetaRaffle pool so keep your eyes open for announcements on our various social media channels. 



At the end of the sale we will be having a MegaRaffle for everybody that has purchased a NewLands MetaShare. This prize pool will consist of the following:  

10,000 IXT 

1 Super Rare Limited Edition MetaDragonz (Arcade NFT)

Stay tuned for more information.